Toolroom Expansion - New Hurco VMX30i


We are very pleased to announce the large investment made in the form of a new CNC Milling machine. The new Hurco VMX30i will further strengthen our toolroom for both Plas-Tech and Protomould. The new machine has the ability to mill smaller billets operating alongside our much larger HAAS VF9. The machine has been specifically purchased with the intention of supporting the expansion of Protomould in the milling of injection moulding tools.

The machine is cutting edge with regard to its ability along with its features, known as the industry workhorse, it isn't just good to look at, but it also built to last. The Hurco CNC milling machine provides a dual screen for its operators, making their job not only easier, but faster, allowing users to simply import the CAD image, select the desired features, and the WinMax control automatically creates the program.

Operators check the part program on the screen with the powerful verifications graphics system that includes 3D solid rendering of the tool path with dynamic rotation and real time tool display. You can view the part from any angle without being forced to redraw it.The machine has been warmly welcomed by the team and is already being put to use by both Plas-Tech and Protomould. There are so many benefits for the customer with the new machine it only helps grow our strategic place in the market.

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