New shower cubicle sealing system

'The brief was to design and implement a new method of sealing our Plas-Tech range of shower cubicles, eliminating the use of silicone sealant.'

Chris Hood Technical Manager
  • Sealing system in profile

    Thie image shows the sealing method in cross section through a typical joint.

    Sealing system in profile

New shower cubicle sealing system

Plas-Tech are commited to innovation and continuous product improvementand as such, we have developed a new sealing system specifically for the Plas-Tech  range of shower cubicles.

The new sealing system eliminates the need for silicone sealant (with its inherent application inconsitencies). The system combines a dry sealant with an adhesive which can be accurately positioned, and ensures
manufacturing consistancy.The system is applied between the moulded wall panels with a single seal and between the walls and the shower tray with a double seal. The faces are then  compressed to achieve a water tight seal.

Features & Benefits

• Environmentally friendly
• Solvent free / non-toxic
• Excellent adhesion properties to common substrates
• Easy / clean application
• Life expectancy in excess of 20 years
• Excellent U.V. resistance
• Service temperature range -40 to +90ºC
• Joint movement up to 15%
• Anti fungal properties

Timescale implimentation

The introduction of the new improved sealing system will involve a transitional period from the current method to the new improved sealing system.
It is our intention that all the above product ranges are converted to the new system by January 2012

Products ranges affected 

  • Keswick
  • Mini keswick
  • Kendal Quadrant   
  • Kentmere
  • Rosedale